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TE New Bezel
GrayhillTouch Encoder is a great choice for armrest, dashboard, and marine applications, which benefit from the Touch Encoder’s no-look operation, impact...
The Series 04JT Discrete Joystick features direct tactile feedback, a rugged design, and reliable functionality.
Grayhill Hall Effect switches are ideal for a variety of fine position applications, including speed control, gain adjustment, and screen navigation, as...
TE New Bezel
Grayhill’s Touch Encoder video was featured in Medical Design Technology magazine today. This device combines touchscreens, pushbuttons, trackballs, and...
TE New Bezel
Grayhill's Touch Encoder was featured in Industry Today magazine. The new Touch Encoder is a great choice for commercial kitchen equipment, fabrication...

Environmental Test Labs

Enviro_TestersThe image on the right shows environmental test chambers. These devices can simulate many environmental conditions, including various temperatures, humidity levels and rapid cycling of these conditions.

Other environmental tests include:

  • Thermal shock
  • Liquid seal
  • Dust seal
  • UV exposure
  • Salt spray resistance
  • Chemical resistance
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