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Grayhill's Hall Effect Joystick Joysticks and Rotary Switches were featured in Lift & Hoist International Magazine. These joysticks offer precise cursor...
Grayhill's 3D Displays were featured in the Autonomous Vehicle Technology magazine. The displays are built for the rugged conditions and harsh environments...
Grayhill's Touch Encoder was featured in the Highways Today magazine. This device combines touchscreens, pushbuttons, trackballs, and rotary switches in...
Series 77
Grayhill's 77 Series Rotary Switch was featured in Wireless Design and Development magazine. The 77 series switch is the smallest rotary switch in Grayhill's...
Grayhill's 20 Series Concentric Mechanical Encoder Switch was featured in Medical Design Technology. This rugged seal switch performs flawlessly in harsh...

Product Advisory Notices

Notices about changes to product materials and availability are located below.


Bulletin 1207 - Selective Solder on Series 3D, 3J and 3K
Bulletin 1209 - SMT Optics added to standard 62B Manufacturing Process
Bulletin 1210 - 60AR Series Joysticks Design Change
Bulletin 1211 - Last Time Buy for Series 73L
Bulletin 1215 - Tampo printing on I/O modules
Bulletin 1216 - Last Time Buy for Select Keypads
Bulletin 1218 - Material Change to select 95C06 switches
Bulletin 1219 - Last Time Buy for Select DIP Switches
Bulletin 1226 - 3J Series Top Cap Adhesive
Bulletin 1227 - Material Change to select 90 Series DIP Switches
Bulletin 1230 - 2D barcode added to all rotary switches
Bulletin 1232 - CE mark to be removed from I/O modules
Bulletin 1233 - New CAN transceiver on Series 3D32 and 3J
Bulletin 1234 - Re-tooled bushing for select Series 62S
Bulletin 1240 - Discontinuation of Series 22 and 31
Bulletin 1241 - Material change to rotary and pushbutton switches
Bulletin 1245-3D - 3D Series Display production moving to McCook facility
Bulletin 1245-3J - 3J Series VDC production moving to McCook facility
Bulletin 1245-3K - 3K Series Keypad production moving to McCook facility
Bulletin 1246 - Last Time Buy for Select 70 Series I/O Modules and Racks
Bulletin 1252 - Dome Retaining Sheet added to standard Series 3D32
Bulletin 1253 - 87 Series Keypad Dome Contact Change
Bulletin 1254 - 63K Series Ball Bearing Cage Material Change
Bulletin 1257 - New plating supplier for Series 50, 51, 56 and 58
Bulletin 1258 - New resistor added to Series 3D65
Bulletin 1264 - Change to pressure vent on Series 3D32, 3J and 3K
Bulletin 1268 - Change to shaft material on select 55/56 Series
Bulletin 1276 - New Pick and Place line for I/O modules and racks
Bulletin 1277 - 60A Joystick - Internal Change to the PC Board
Bulletin 1278 - Re-tooling 62S Series 16 Position Bushing
Bulletin 1279 - Re-tooling 62S Series 32, 20, and 12 Position Bushing
Bulletin 1285 - Change of manufacturing equipment

Bulletin 1289 - Expanded Surface Mount Pick and Place Capacity in our Shenzhen, China Facility
Bulletin 1294 - 62HS Series Behind Panel Reduction

Test Data

Test Report for Bulletin 1241
62H SMT Conversion Test Data
90 Series DIP switch Base and Cover Plastic Material Change
3rd Generation CAN Transceiver Test Data
Series 62S Re-tooled Bushing Test Data
Test Report for Bulletin 1278
62S rotational Life Inventix Bushing Test Report
Life Test Report DUT Inventix Bushing Design
Life Test Report 62S18-M5-020C Inventix Bushing Design


Validation Reports

Fuji XPFL System Validation Plan
Fuji XPFL+MTU System Validation Plan
DEK Horizon 8 AP Screen Printer System Validation Plan

Bulletin 1289 Test Report 1

Bulletin 1289 Test Report 2


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Plating Material Change

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