La Grange, IL - Grayhill has many veterans with 35 years of experience at our company or more. Please join us in celebrating their anniversaries together!
La Grange, IL – Grayhill is pleased to announce Fusion Sourcing as new Grayhill Rep for select Northeast Territories.
La Grange, IL – Grayhill is pleased to announce Sematron as the new Distributor/Representative for UK and Ireland
La Grange, IL – Grayhill is pleased to announce Straube Associates as the new rep firm for Northern California, Nevada (Clark County Excluded), and Hawaii....
Grayhill is proud to be going back to the Moon again and onto Mars as a user interface supplier for the NASA Orion Spacecraft. Our team appreciated meeting...

Vertical Integration


In-House Quick Turn Capability 

By strategically investing in people and equipment and leveraging relationships with key suppliers, Grayhill has honed an ability to produce prototype components and assemblies faster than the competition. This capability also provides flexibility and fast response to mid-stream design or requirements changes. Below is a partial list of our capabilities:

• In-house tool rooms - plastic mold tool design and fabrication, automated Pro-E to CNC machine interface for plastic and metal parts, and equipment to develop custom jigs, fixtures and testers
• In-house captive molding facility - equipment and expertise to produce thermoset and thermoplastic insert molded parts
• In-house Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
• Key partner relationships for polyurethane castings, 24 hour Stereolithography models, and 48 hour PCB fabrication.

In-House Qualification and Product Analysis Labs
A critical step prior to release of any new product is to subject prototype units to simulated extreme or accelerated physical and electrical stresses. By subjecting a number of prototype units to industry specific test standards in a specific, time-tested sequence we can use the results to statistically prove the MTBF and design margin. By conducting these tests in our in-house labs, we have control of the entire process and a real-time view of each test.

For physical and environmental stresses, our equipment and expertise permit fast and accurate verification to MIL-STD 202 and 810, IEC 68 and 60529, RTCA-DO160, ISO 16750, NEMA, UL and ANSI/ASEA EP455 standards for the following tests:

ovens• Operating Temperature
• Thermal Cycling
• Storage Temperature
• Thermal Shock
• Altitude (Barometric Pressure)
• UV Resistance
• Seal/Ingress Protection – moisture, dirt and dust
• Humidity 
• Drop Testing
• Salt Fog
• Immersion
• Resistance to Solvents
• Solderability & Soldering Heat
• Terminal Strength
• Vibration
• Mechanical Shock
• Shipping Integrity
• Flammability

We know how to insure your operator interface product looks, feels and functions properly over its lifetime. Using the techniques below, we can accelerate the effects of years in operation and predict MTBF and number of operations:

• Rotational, joystick, pushbutton, keypad, and touchscreen life testers.
• Heat, Humidity and Bias
• Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
• HALT and HASS Testing (Outside)
• Norman Abrasion Test
• Force and Torque Profiling
• Stop Strength
• Contact Resistance and chatter
• Color (L a b coordinates)
• Insulation Resistance

When a display is part of the solution, we perform additional testing with our photometer and spectro radiometer equipment:

• Contrast Ratio over temperature
• Luminance intensity and brightness
• Sunlight Readability
• NV Blooming (Infra Red) and Radiance
• On/Off times at temp. extremes
• Chromaticity
• Color Spectrum

Our EMC lab conducts the following compatibility tests to EN55011 and EN5022, EN61000, CISPR 11 and 22, FCC Part 15, ANSIA/ASEA EP455 and MIL-STD 883:   

Echamber• ESD
• Radiated Immunity
• Electrical Fast Transients
• Surge Immunity
• Conducted Immunity
• Magnetic Field
• Voltage Dips, Interrupts, and Variations
• Radiated OATS
• Conducted Emissions
• Flicker


To meet unique project requirements, Grayhill constructs a manufacturing environment optimally suited to each customer’s specifications. A series of highly flexible production cells provide the backdrop for seamless transition from prototype to initial production. All critical procedures and software are shared across all facilities.  Whereas most prototyping activity takes place at the headquarters in LaGrange, IL, having the same or similar production equipment at our other facilities permits us to scale up or move production to another location with very little risk.  Amongst our many manufacturing capabilities are:

• Surface mount technology (SMT) lines with assembly including BGA, FBGA to 0.3mm, and QFP to 0.4mm pitch
• Double-sided SMT and through-hole assembly
• 0201 device placement
• Die placement and die bonding equipment
• Epoxy and RTV dispensing equipment
• Leaded and lead-free soldering processes
• Conformal coating and potting processes
• LCD glass ACF bonding
• LCD glass LOCA optical bonding
• Custom cable making equipment
• Chip programming
• Flying probe and In-circuit (ICT) testing
• Automated optical inspection equipment
• Custom automation and robotics
• Custom production testers and test fixtures
• ESS  and environmental testing

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