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TE New Bezel
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TE New Bezel
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New Hall Effect Joystick is Smallest to include Digital Output

September 27, 2012 01:17 PM

Grayhill, Inc. has introduced the compact Series 67A Joystick, a Hall-Effect joystick with a built in micro-controller for I2C interface. I2C is a simple and flexible interface bus for communication with other digital devices. More common in larger joysticks, Series 67A is the first to offer digital output from a joystick with a 28mm tall bat-handle, requiring just 18mm of behind panel depth.

A hall-effect sensor provide contactless operation, facilitating a long operational life of over 1 million cycles. The hall-effect sensor magnetically detects the shaft position anywhere within its 20-degree field of travel. The on-board micro-controller then produces X,Y coordinates in a range from 0 at center to 80 at the extreme periphery for digital output. It also conserves power by operating at 3mA max, with a built-in sleep mode of only 0.1mA max.

The 67A Joystick is designed for panel mount applications where space is limited. Its integral mounting flange has 4 counterbore mounting holes in a 25.4mm square. This compact joystick can provide precise cursor control where other pointing devices are impractical, such as on test and measurement equipment or medical electronics. Other applications include CNC positioning, industrial control or robotic control.

67A_Small_weGrayhill's proven technology and quality systems ensure superior performance with minimized costs. The 67A has been fully-tested in ISO/IEC 17025 labs to achieve electrical and environmental specs, including:

  • Environmental Seal: IP67
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

Initially, one standard version is available with 2-axes, 3.3V input and I2C output. Connection options include a 0.05-inch centerline pin header or a connector and cable assembly. The standard version may be purchased in minimum orders of $500, with lower quantities available through Grayhill authorized distributors.

For more information on the Series 67A and its user manual, visit the Joysticks page or contact us.



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