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VUI Builder© (Rev H)

VUI Builder© is an intuitive software tool used to create screens and graphic objects that display real-time gauge data, alert messages, clocks/run meters, diagnostics, maintenance information, machine setups and instructions. In addition, VUI Builder© can program a Series 3Dxx display to be used as a simple terminal that presents objects direct from the vehicle's ECU, such as fault or service messages. It does this by monitoring and acting on CAN-bus PGN parameters. Development is made easier with the presentation of example projects and a simulator for testing the settings before uploading to the Series 3Dxx display. The software below supports the Model 3D50 (five inch) Display, the Model 3D70 (seven inch) Display, and the Model 3D2104 (ten point four inch) Display.

For a quick tutorial, visit the VUI Builder© video library.

Order Version VUI Builder Support (Developers are strongly encouraged to download and install the latest versions)

Download files for VUI Builder©, the software tool for Grayhill's Series 3Dxx Display here:


Development Tool: VUI Builder© rev.H (zip) release notes

User Manual for VUI Builder© rev.I (pdf)

Example Projects for VUI Builder© rev.F (zip)

This zip file contains projects that have a mix of bitmap images, gauges, controls, messages, and demonstrations of various 3Dxx Display features. Either extract the files from this zip folder onto the root of a USB drive and plug the USB drive into a 3Dxx Display to copy the demo projects to your display; or extract the files from the archive contained in this zip file to a directory on your PC so that the projects can be opened from VUI Builder©.

3Dxx Display Simulator rev.H (zip) release notes
The simulator allows you to quickly test newly created objects on your PC, instead of sending the files to the 3Dxx display. See User Manual for VUI Builder© for more details.

3Dxx App Updater rev.H (zip) release notes
To make sure you have the latest application running on your 3D50 or 3D70 display, place the folder titled 3D50_update on the root of a USB drive (must be formatted as FAT32). Plug that drive into the back of the display. The display will automatically update the application.

Current VUI Builder Support (Rev K)

Support for VUI Builder (Rev J)

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