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Grayhill understands the human interface requirements of doctors, nurses, and technicians in the healthcare industry. Our human factors engineers focus on the tactile and audible responses that allow healthcare professionals to easily and confidently set device controls. Our industrial design team creates products that have sealed and washable surfaces with minimal crevices with materials that are selected for their ability to inhibit bacterial growth and withstand a vast array of disinfecting chemicals. Our mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers will manage the process of taking your initial concept into a fully realized and qualified intuitive human interface solution.

Grayhill’s encoders, pushbuttons, and joysticks are popular components in healthcare electronic devices because of our ability to offer quality-tested custom configurations. Further, Grayhill specializes in the design of custom front panels that incorporate the above components, as well as custom keypads, optically bonded displays with multi-touch capacitive touchscreens and touchpads. Our engineering team can help specify the appropriate display technology and then tool a rugged and sealed housing to protect it. With decades of experience designing and manufacturing sensitive electronic devices, Grayhill is a trusted supplier that will take ownership of the supply chain for your product.

Grayhill has fielded reliable custom components and control panel assemblies for the following Healthcare Applications:

  • Ultrasounds

  • CT/MRI/PET Scanners

  • Diagnostic and Interventional X-Rays

  • Patient Monitors

  • Patient Beds and Patient Transports

  • Portable Defibrillators

  • Ventilators

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Our standard products include rotary switches, optical encoders, mechanical encoders, CANbus displays, and CANbus keypads. Please click here to see more.

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