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Knobs, Test Clips and Posts

Grayhill 3D32.jpg

Series 02

Test Clips

• Rapid, Easy Connections
• Hex Nut for Adjusting Tension
• Choices of Sizes and Styles

Grayhill 3D32.jpg

Series 29

Binding Posts

• Flush Hole to Prevent Crimping
• Space-Saving 3/8" Diameter or Decorative Flared Skirt
• Dual Mounting Base Accessory

Grayhill 3D32.jpg

Series 29

Push Posts

• Quick Connect/Disconnect
• Only 7/8" Above Board Height
• Standard, Insulated, or Banana Plug Styles
• High Temperature Spring Style
• Color-Coded Caps with Optional Additional Colors

Grayhill 3D32.jpg

Series 11K


• Standard Fit for Grayhill Encoder and Rotary Switches
• Custom Materials, Styles, Colors and Markings Available
• Standard Black or Gray

• Choice of Spring Clip (Press-On) or Metal Insert with Set Screw Versions

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