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Celebrating Grayhill’s 80th Anniversary: Flagship Product Profile — Optical Encoders

Updated: Oct 6

As we celebrate Grayhill's 80th anniversary, we are highlighting the flagship products that changed the course of our company. Among these groundbreaking innovations, the optical encoder stands as a pioneering product introduced in the late 1980s. One of the most significant advantages of optical encoders, such as our first iteration, the 61B, is the utilization of non-contact switching technology. Instead of relying on physical contact between components, optical encoders use light to detect and encode rotational movements. This non-contact approach results in several key benefits. Because there is no physical wear and tear from contact, optical encoders boast an exceptionally long operational life. This is a critical advantage in applications where reliability and longevity are important. Non-contact technology also allows for extremely precise encoding, making optical encoders the go-to choice in situations where accuracy is mission-critical, such as in medical, robotic, and aerospace equipment. Optical encoders also provide exceptional haptics so that rotations can be felt through heavy gloves and rugged conditions. The versatility of optical encoders cannot be overstated.

Grayhill understands that each industry and application have unique requirements. We meet those standards by offering a high degree of customization with our optical encoders. Whether you require specific detents (clicks) and tactile feel, shaft length and flats, multiple termination and cabling options, and custom mounting, Grayhill can tailor optical encoders to suit your exact needs.

After 80 years of innovation, Grayhill is just getting started. We are forging the path to a better tomorrow by not just building to last but by innovating to bring lasting improvements to the way humans interact with machines.

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