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Celebrating Our 80th Anniversary: Flagship Product Snapshot CAN bus Keypads

As we celebrate Grayhill's 80th anniversary, we are highlighting the flagship products that changed the course of our company. In the early 2000s, we introduced our CAN bus keypads, propelling Grayhill's presence into the agriculture and construction industries. Our 3K CAN Bus Keypads are a testament to Grayhill's commitment to user experience. The tactile feedback from the keypads ensures that operators can navigate and input commands confidently, even in challenging environments. The users that rely on Grayhill's technology often operate equipment in demanding conditions. Our 3K CAN Bus Keypads are built to withstand the toughest environments. These rugged keypads can endure harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust, moisture, and chemicals. Grayhill understands that each industry and application have unique requirements. We meet those standards by offering a high degree of customization with our CAN bus keypads. Whether you require specific symbols, color-coded buttons, or custom layouts, Grayhill can tailor the keypads to suit your exact needs. After 80 years of innovation, Grayhill is just getting started. We are forging the path to a better tomorrow by not just building to last but by innovating to bring lasting improvements to the way humans interact with machines.

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