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Grayhill Celebrates World Engineer’s Day

Updated: Oct 6

In recognition of this day, we spotlight one of our talented engineers. Our engineers form the backbone of our company. Design engineer Robert St. John, says his uncle, a chemical engineer, inspired him to pursue engineering. Participating in science competitions in high school solidified his interest in studying engineering, which he did at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

His favorite aspect of working as an engineer at Grayhill is “designing electrical schematics for new, introductory products.” When asked what he thinks the most significant impact engineering has made on the world is, he said, “In my opinion, the discovery of the effects of the rotating magnetic field by Nikola Tesla has had one of the biggest impacts on the world today. Tesla's invention of the first alternating current transmission system has revolutionized modern life by allowing electricity to be generated at one source and moved across vast distances. Without this technology, people would not have access to inexpensive electricity, allowing us to light our homes, work late into the night, and utilize time and labor-saving appliances. All modern electrical devices that we use in our homes and businesses rely upon Tesla's alternating current grid.”

Happy Engineer's Day to all the problem solvers and innovators who power progress!

To connect with Robert on LinkedIn, click here

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