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National CAD Day

Today, Grayhill celebrates National CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Day and all our talented engineers that use CAD. CAD tools are essential for a design engineer in the modern world. At Grayhill, our engineers use CAD to take ideas from their imagination or from group brainstorming sessions and make them a reality.

Grayhill Senior Design Engineer, Chris Conro, explains how CAD is important in his work.

“Parts are designed in 3D CAD, and those models can be combined into assemblies. With these CAD models, clearance and tolerance analyses, motion, or stress simulations, and much more can be performed and iterated until the design is ready for manufacturing. A drawing is parametrically linked to the model so that the drawing reproduces the model with perfect accuracy on any scale. Dimensions, notes, tolerances, etc., are all specified on drawings that are created in CAD so that the details and requirements of the design are communicated to vendors and customers. Increasingly in modern manufacturing, files exported from the CAD package can be used as the basis for rapid manufacturing methods like 3D printing so that prototypes of a design can be realized more quickly than ever before.

Not only is CAD like a design engineer's sandbox, it is an essential tool in the modern world of engineering, design, and manufacturing to ensure projects are completed as accurately and efficiently as possible."

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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