Qt Support for 3D Series Displays

Software developers will find everything they need to create a rich user experience on this page. Grayhill has chosen to offer Qt as a standard option for use with the Series 3D50 Display, Series 3D70 Display, and Series 3D2104 Display because it is the most trusted cross-platform development solution available. Qt's Integrated Development Environment includes many tools that will speed the development of your application, including language, documentation and User Interface design tools. 


Grayhill supports both Linux and Windows host development environments.  Either can be used to develop your custom application; which is cross-compiled, installed and executes on the 3Dxx Display.


Current Qt version support  (Qt 5.12.2)



Windows 10


The Hardware Setup (Quick Start) Guides show how to connect the 3D50 or 3D70 development kit hardware to your PC. The Qt User's Guide explains how to setup and use a Qt-based development environment with the Grayhill 3D50, 3D70, or 3D2104 Display.


The Qt files include a QML based demo project that illustrates how to utilize some of the 3D50, 3D70, and 3D2104 display features from within Qt. From there you can plug into the vast user community of developers using Qt and launch your own project!


The Virtual disk image (ova file) is used to create the Linux VM prior to Qt installation.

Support for Previous Qt Version 5.6.2 / 4.8.6

Support for Previous Qt Version 5.9.3


3D Series Displays Find general documentation and support for the 3Dxx Series of Displays.